Bridesmaid Proposal Instagram Story Template

Calling all brides and grooms to be, if you are an Instagram enthusiast – this bridal party proposal is a cute and fun way to ask the best people in your life to be a bridesmaid, bridesman, groomsman, or groomswoman at your wedding.

The Instagram Story layout is a template that can be easily personalized with your own Instagram handle, proposal question, who has “seen” the Story, and of course, your most favourite picture of the two (or more!) of you.

This theme is available as a card, puzzle, or wine labels (or for mini champagne bottles) with different button options. A unique bridesmaid proposal idea that is as cute as it is reflective of the common day-to-day activities. Add it to the bridal party proposal boxes as the final touch that wraps everything up!

A puzzle with an image of two girls having a picnic in the Instagram story template with text explaining what parts of the puzzle can be edited
Showing all the personalization opportunities with this Instagram inspired template

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