Origami Crane Sugar Cookies




These origami crane sugar cookies came out better than I had expected. I am very pleased with the touch of colour that was added to the tips. And this was the first recipe I tried out of my 32423 cook books. I gave them out to my coworkers and someone said, they were a lot softer than I would have thought. He thought they would be hard! Such a “hard” visual appearance but only to be tasteful.

Coconut Macaroons


I was trying to make macarons except my egg whites just wouldn’t stiffen! After quite some time I decided to give up and make coconut macaroons instead with the bag of shredded coconuts I had laying around. I also have a big bag of chocolate chips to melt and pour over my macaroons (which was definitely needed). The smell was nice but I would much rather have beautiful and possibly colourful macarons to eat instead…

My hands could have been slightly wet, the mixing bowl could have had a bit of oil, maybe I kind of cracked the egg yolk a little… so many little things can ruin egg white peaks.

Non-bake Protein Bar


This non-bake protein bar is my go-to for whenever I have a bunch of random left overs that I just want to get rid of. Pumpkin seeds, toss them in there. Chocolate chips? Sure thing.

Macaron Attempts 1 & 2


I’ve had such a love/hate relationship with macarons. I also don’t like my oven but I’m not going to blame it today.

Such simple ingredients and the outcome is always somehow different. I think the one thing I dislike the most is sifting almond flour.

Apple of My Eye [Pie]

mini apple pie

I’m not a pie person so it was a little unexpected when I decided to whip up mini apple pies for Thanksgiving. My parents had just left for their month long vacation and pies seem appropriate for the occasion seeing as though we won’t be having any type of feast or dinner plans at home.

I started off with the basic pie dough, left it in the fridge overnight and made the filling using the mini apple pie recipe.

Each person got their own hand size of Thanksgiving goodness (there were only three of us) and declared these apple of my eye pies as “not bad”. The “not bad” and “ok” sayings will come across frequently throughout my baking and cooking posts; it translates to “good” in my family. Which means, “good” actually means “very good”. Just have to get use to the lingo around here.


#thankful for the love that surrounds me.